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30 March 2006

To everything there is a season....

As you may have noticed, I've not been blogging much here.  That's 'cuz I'm a-movin' this dog and...well, dog...show!  Its a work in progress, but the new site is herewww.funkyjewtopia.com baby!  Long story, but I've been coveting that title for a while, and the url is a prezzie from my brother.


See you all there!  Mwah!

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08 March 2006

Poor Sydney

I could cry.  Sydney is fewer about 5 teeth and I'm fewer about $500.  My poor, gummy man only has 3 teeth left. 

I took him in this morning, they weren't sure they were going to do dental work because Sydney has been having trouble getting up from a lying position since Friday night.  Fortunately that turned out to be a severely pulled muscle and nothing more.  But when they got him on the table and knocked out, they found out that his poor, smiley mouth was in worse shape than expected.  Almost all of his teeth were abscessed (I really wish I could remember how to spell that).  On the bright side, they did clean and polish the remaining 3 teeth.

Now he's home, quiet, and giving me sad eyed looks.  He's also drooling a bit when he sleeps.  I had to feed him oatmeal by him licking it off my fingers, he really won't eat anything else.  (The vet was the one who suggested I give him oatmeal.)  Conan is really worried about him, he keeps going to him and sniffing his mouth and trying to snuggle with him a bit.   I can't tell him enough how sorry I am.  Poor Gummy Gummerson.

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Ok.  I know inanity is not really a word, but I couldn't think of anything else to describe what I saw on the news tonight.  And I swear this is a real news story.  They say that CORN TORTILLAS CAUSE BIRTH DEFECTS!  I'm not shitting you.


Next thing, they'll link Jello to restless leg syndrome.  Geez.

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